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barry mersky (8 )

Other information

Do you participate in funded research? Yes
If not, would you seek funding for your research? Yes
What is your research position? Staff Researcher

Personal interests

  • research methods
  • diagnostic and therapeutic technologies

Other interests: intraoral battery-powered electronic devices , bone conduction sound

Projects (2):

Intraoral Microphone Records Mouth/Breath Sounds for Pattern Recognition Software - Intraoral Microphone + ASR-type Software
Novel intraoral sensor can record physiological acoustic / nonacoustic sounds. Combined with sophisticated pattern recognition software, new diagnostic tools and paradigms can be produced.

Intraoral Hearing Aid - Tooth Phone Auditory Device - Dental bone conduction hearing + intraoral electronics
Tooth Phone Auditory Device (TPAD) is non-surgical hearing aid alternative to the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA). Sound from an ear-level microphone transmits rf signals to an intraoral demodulator...

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