Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Peter Hammond, BA, MSc (Computer Science), MSc (Mathematics), PhD

Professor and Head of Biomedical Informatics Unit
Eastman Dental Institute of Oral Health Care Sciences
University College London

Research Interests:

Application of Logic Programming, Machine Learning and Computer Vision in:

  • Craniofacial development, growth and repair
  • Simulating cell interactions
  • Safety and clinical trial design
Current Projects:

Craniofacial analysis in dysmorphic syndromes (funded by Birth Defects Foundation & Wellcome Trust).

Simulation of effects of orthognathic surgery on soft tissue (funded internally).

Decision support in clinical trial design (funded by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council & UK Government Scheme Teaching Company Directorate).

Computer simulation of epithelial cell interactions (funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

Selected Publications:

Modgil S, Hammond P. (2002) A Decision Support System for Clinical Trial Design. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (in press).

Hutton TJ, Buxton B, Hammond P (2002) Estimating average growth trajectories in shape-Space using kernel smoothing. IEEE Trans Med Imaging (in press).

Modgil S, Hutton TJ, Hammond P, Davenport JC. (2002) Combined biometric and symbolic models for customised, automated prosthesis design. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 25(3):227-245.

Hammond P, Hutton TJ, Allanson JA, Shaw A, Patton MA. (2002) 3D Digital Stereo Photogrammetric Analysis of Face Shape in Noonan Syndrome, British Human Genetics Conference, September 2002, York. J Med Gen 39(1) S35.

Hammond P, Hutton T, Madgwick A, Nelson-Moon Z. (2001) Characterisation of vertical facial deformity using supervised and unsupervised learning. Methods of Information in Medicine. 40(5), 365-372.

Maheswaran, S., Speight P.M., & Hammond, P. (2001) Computer simulation of oral epithelial cell interactions, Proceedings of British Society for Oral Pathologists, Birmingham, September 2001.

Hammond, P., Hutton, T.J., Patton, M.A., & Allanson, J.E. (2001) Use of 3D photogrammetry in the craniofacial assessment of Noonan syndrome. XXII David W. Smith Workshop on Malformations and Morphogenesis, Division of Medical Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine, Sept 2001. Proc Greenwood Genetic Center 21 (2002), 90.

Hutton TJ, Cunningham S and Hammond P. (2000) An Evaluation of Active Shape Models for the Automatic Identification of Cephalometric Landmarks. European Journal of Orthodontics. European Journal of Orthodontics 22(5): 499-508.

Hammond P, Harris A L, Das SK & Wyatt JC. (1994) Safety and decision support in oncology. Methods of Information in Medicine, 33(4), 371-381.

Hammond P, Davenport JC & Fitzpatrick FJ. (1993) Logic-based integrity constraints and the design of dental prostheses. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 5, 431-446.