Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Lynn A. Johnson, PhD



Research Interests:
  • Investigation interactive simulations to teach and assess problem-solving skills.
  • Investigation of haptics in a surgical simulator to teach and assess tactile dental skills.
  • Evaluation of the merit and worth of instructional products and methodologies.
  • Development of national and international standards of quality for instructional software and the use of these standards in the peer review of instructional technology products.
Current Projects:

Iowa Dental Surgical Simulator a haptics simulator to teach and assess margin detection. (NSF 02-2)


Selected Publications:

Mislevy, R.J., Steinberg, L.Sl. Breyer, F.J., Almond, R.G., Johnson, L. Making Sense of Data from Complex Assessments. Applied Measurement in Education. In Press.

Johnson, L. Continuing Education on the World Wide Web. The Dental Clinics of North America, 46(3): 589-604, 2002.

Thomas, G., Johnson, L., Dow, S., and Stanford, C. The Design And Testing of a Force Feedback Dental Simulator. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 64: 53-64, 2001.

Johnson, L., Thomas, G., Dow, S., and Stanford, C. An Initial Evaluation of The Iowa Dental Surgical Simulator. Journal of Dental Education, 64(12): 847-853, 2000.

Cameron, C.A., Beemsterboer, P.L., Johnson, L.A., Mislevy, R.J., Steinberg, L.S., and Breyer, F.J. A Cognitive Task Analysis for Dental Hygiene. Journal of Dental Education, 64(5): 333-351, 2000.

Johnson, L. and Schleyer, T. Developing Standards for the Design of Educational Software. Quintessence International, 30: 1-6, 1999. Translated in German: Entwicklung von Normen für die Gestaltung von Lernsoftware. Die Quintessenz: 51 (11): 1171-1179, 2000.

Mislevy, R.J., Steinberg, L.S., Breyer, F.J., Almond, R.G., and Johnson, L. A Cognitive Task Analysis, with Implications for Designing a Simulation-Based Assessment System. Computers in Human Behavior, 15(3), 335-374, 1999.

Johnson, L.A., Wohlgemuth, B., Cameron, C.C., Caughman, F., Koertge, T., Barna, J., and Schulz, J. Dental Interactive Simulations Corporation (DISC): Simulations for Education, Continuing Education, and Assessment. Journal of Dental Education, 62(11): 937-946, 1998.

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