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Orthodontic Patient Electronic History

Comprehensive Orthodontic Database

Standardized protocol for management of all kind information about the orthodontic patient. Main page, tables, forms for registration, storage and management of all clinical findings, diagnostic, treatment planning, procedures, results, materials, communications, etc. Quality assurance during treatment. Possibilities for evidence based research.

Type of project: both academic and industry


Involved Persons:

Other involved People:


Is the project funded?no
Funding source:I need funding

Other information:

Personnel needed:Academics with recognized expertise in Orthodontics. Private practitioners orthodontists interested in this topic. IT Professionals for Development.
Expertise sought:Academic involvement. IT Developers.

DIOC user:

Ana Cecila Diesen (11 star_purple), Private practice
Ana Cecila Diesen's interests: clinical decision support, computer-based patient records, implementation/maintenance of IT, Orthodontics


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