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PerioQuik (TM)

Periodontal charting software

Complete periodontal charting is to time consuming and stressful. The information created provides little benefit for the clinician or society. For today's computerized systems to maximize benefit, 648 to 710 data points must be accounted for. This is too much work. PSR & CPITN do not provide the granularity needed for true periodontal health monitoring. The charts themselves are too "data real estate" intensive and their organizational structure makes data entry prone to errors. I have created a new system for charting periodontal disease that, by its method, reduces the possibility of entering incorrect information, is 2/3rds faster than conventional charting systems (even for the most complex cases), and can identify the location and severity of periodontal disease tooth by tooth, by sextant, quadrant, half, and whole mouth diagnosis. Cloud-based and able to data mine.

Type of project: has both academic and commercial use


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Francis J. Stapleton, DDS (N/A)
Other involved People:


Is the project funded?yes
Funding source:Self-funded

Other information:

Duration of project:One year
Papers related to project:Looking to create validation study
Personnel needed:I am looking for a junior faculty member (or graduate student) looking for a topic for publication; from an accredited dental school (does not have to be US based), to help run validation study.
Expertise sought:Ideal project for periodontist with computer experience or connections, or informatics student looking for thesis topic.

DIOC user:

francis stapleton, dds (21 star_red), Efficient Dental Market Systems, LLC
francis stapleton, dds's interests: clinical decision support, bioinformatics, practice management, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies


francis stapleton, dds (21 ), 11/3/2016:
PerioQuik has been incorporated within the Dental Integra software. PerioQuik is a technique for the rapid, error-free charting of periodontal disease that requires slightly more data than PSR/CPITN, but far less than full charting. Its benefit is that users receive machine-derived information on the location and severity of periodontal disease, tooth by tooth, by sextant, quadrant, half, and whole mouth diagnoses within its dashboard. The software also creates narratives describing the patient's issues that have the potential to be written at a variety of levels (lay vs professional audience) and languages (modern languages).I am still in the process of including program navigation instructions, but questions can be directed to my via the "Contact us" link found on the landing page.


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