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Thin-Slicing for Collaboration Decisions

Do short video clips of potential collaborators help people optimize collaboration decisions?

This research project is part of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) received by the University of Pittsburgh, specifically the Clinical and Translational Science Institute's (CTSI) Online Research Community (ORC). CTSA has the goal to accelerate the transfer of knowledge from bench to bedside and improve collaboration among biomedical scientists. The OCR's goal is to develop an electronic infrastructure that is expected to transform communication, information sharing and access to education for the research community at the University of Pittsburgh. The current prototype is called Digital Vita (DV) (http://www.dental.pitt.edu/informatics/orc/ (=8 min video)). Part of the DV's goal is to facilitate expertise location using existing profile data—in essence biographical snapshots including publications and curriculum vitae. Traditionally, it was assumed that collaborators are selected by looking up what a potential research partner has published in the past, but its not that easy for a multitude of reasons, for instance, work style and likability cannot be judged based on a curriculum vita. Our approach is centered around the following question: Do short video clips of potential collaborators help people optimize collaboration decisions? If a small video clip can make the decision about a potential collaboration partner more accurate, the efficiency with which researchers find collaborators can be improved—a goal which is part of the overarching goal of the CTSA: accelerating science for the good of health care outcomes. We will ask one group of subjects to create a 2-minute video in addition to requesting their bio. The bio will be stored in the Digital Vita System which was developed at Pitt in the CTSA framework. A second group of individuals will review the bios as well as the videos (one arm of the study will review just bios without video) and complete a survey afterwards assessing if they would be able to make an informed decision about potentially collaborating with the individuals whose bio/video they have reviewed.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Heiko Spallek (University of Pittsburgh)
Other involved People: Samuel Gosling, Lindsay Graham
alice roy (7 star_blue)


Is the project funded?yes
Funding source:NIH: 1 U54 RR023506-01

Other information:

Duration of project:2 years
Papers related to project:Based in part on results from http://www.jmir.org/2008/3/e24/ and Malcolm Gladwell’s book: Blink and Digital Vita (DV) (http://www.dental.pitt.edu/informatics/orc/ (=8 min video)
Personnel needed:I am looking for University of Pittsburgh biomedical researchers willing to produce a 2 min video clip about their research.

DIOC user:

heiko spallek (89 star_green), School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
heiko spallek's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, practice management, computer-based patient records, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, e-communities


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