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Speech Recognition in Dentistry

Evaluation of the current status of Speech recognition in PMS

We are conducting user tests and exploring the speech functionality of the top four Practice Management Systems. We are finding that these systems allow speech input mainly for navigation as if the dentist were using a mouse. And some software programs offer a section in the electronic chart for free text notes.


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Jeannie Irwin (University of Pittsburgh)
Other involved People: Titus Schleyer, Shawn Fernando, Heiko Spallek


Is the project funded?yes
Funding source:Funding only for JY in the form of a PhD fellowship from the NLM/NIDCR

Other information:

Duration of project:2 years
Papers related to project:Yuhaniak Irwin J, Fernando S, Schleyer T, Spallek H. Speech recognition in dental software systems: features and functionality. Medinfo. 2007;12(Pt 2):1127-31.
Personnel needed:Anyone interested in the project, we are currently conducting user tests and evaluating the data.

DIOC user:

jeannieirwin (12 star_purple), University of Pittsburgh
jeannieirwin's interests: computer-based patient records, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, voice interfaces


titus schleyer (102 ), 11/17/2009:
Sorry, posted this comment on the wrong project. I moved this over to http://www.dentalinformatics.org/projectdirectory/show_project.html?project_id=6.
titus schleyer (102 ), 11/17/2009:
(Sorry for the late reply - we did not have our notification service for postings implemented yet.)

Actually, at this point we are looking for additional transcripts of dictations of comprehensive initial oral examinations. The purpose of enlarging the "corpus" of text documents we have is to make the system more robust by teaching it how different dentists speak.

If you can contribute to the project in this way, please contact me (titus @ pitt dot edu). Thanks.
barry mersky (8 ), 12/11/2007:
Not sure what you want from USER dentist population? Do you want a dentist-user to try the software for machine intelligibiity?


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