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Online course "Introduction to Health Information Technology in Dentistry"

Introduction to applied informatics in clinical dentistry for clinicians, managers and educators

(Apologies for the poor formatting - we are working on it.) We are currently working on our first online course in dental informatics. It is focused on a broad spectrum of health information technologies for general dental practice. The course will combine theoretical concepts from applied informatics with practical information about real-world technologies and applications. It is targeted at dentists (primarily clinicians and educators), dental hygienists and dental assistants. We have developed a list of skills (=competencies) and knowledge that we plan to cover in the course. We used many sources to derive those, including Covvey’s work on health informatics competencies (see http://www.informatics-review.com/thoughts/pointing.html) and our own predoctoral competencies for dental informatics (see http://www.dental.pitt.edu/informatics/competencies.php). Current course content is planned to be (apologies for the poor formatting on the Web): 1. Information and data collection, architecting, analysis, and management competencies 1.1. Skills 1.1.1. Analyze and document administrative workflow 1.1.2. Use electronic dental record (EDR) applications to support clinical care process efficiently and effectively Initial comprehensive examinations and treatment planning Routine and emergency care visits Oral health maintenance and recare 1.1.3. Support clinical decision making with computers Cognitive ergonomics Decision support tools 1.1.4. Describe representation and organization of dental information 1.1.5. Plan, implement, and support basic information technology infrastructure 1.1.6. Implement mechanisms to safeguard privacy, confidentiality and security of patient information 1.1.7. Evaluate interface modalities’ usability to clinical care 1.2. Knowledge 1.2.2. Workflow analysis methods 1.2.3. Systematic and applied understanding of dental office workflow 1.2.4. Data/information representation 1.2.5. Data/information organization Information model Use of controlled vocabularies 1.2.6. Clinical content of EDRs 1.2.7. Principles of information design 1.2.8. Data quality issues (errors, integrity, etc.) 1.2.9. Information representation in paper and electronic formats 1.2.10. Principles of clinical decision making 1.2.11. Privacy, confidentiality, and security issues (principles, legislation, regulation) 1.2.12. Basic knowledge of hardware, software, and networking 1.2.13. Knowledge of different interface modalities 2. Principles of technology evaluation and selection competencies 2.1. Skills 2.1.2. Apply critical analysis skills 2.1.3. Determine evaluation criteria, process, and resources 2.1.4. Identify candidate products 2.1.5. Apply selected evaluation methods and interpret results 2.2. Knowledge 2.2.2. Principles of critical appraisal 2.2.3. Principles of professional evaluation (summative) 2.2.4. Knowledge of evaluation methods General evaluation methods Human Computer Interaction (HCI) evaluation methods 3. Planning, administration, and management competencies 3.1. Skills 3.1.2. Conduct needs analysis 3.1.3. Develop strategic plans 3.1.4. Implement and maintain information technology infrastructure 3.2. Knowledge 3.2.2. Principles of management 3.2.3. Principles of strategic planning 3.2.4. Principles of human resources management

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Titus Schleyer (Center for Dental Informatics, University of Pittsburgh)
Other involved People: Heiko Spallek Thankam Thyvalikakath Richard Oldham
shawn steele (5 star_blue)
adam chee (4 star_blue)
dennis p. twaakyondo (9 star_purple)
arden forrey (23 star_turquoise)
Li Cavallo (2 star_blue)
s.momin (8 star_purple)


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:July 2010 -
Personnel needed:individuals who can provide constructive input on the course content, such as other informatics educators and individuals representative of the target audience
Expertise sought:- critical review of course content - identification of learning resources that could be used in the course - identification of marketing opportunities for the course - review of actual course content once developed

DIOC user:

titus schleyer (102 star_green), Center for Biomedical Informatics
titus schleyer's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, practice management, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, library information sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies


s.momin (8 ), 08/9/2014:
Hi, Titus
i am based in Texas,USA.i believe this is the future of dentistry. i am from India, completed my Bachelor of computer science and Bachelor of dental surgery.how i can contribute in major effective way. i am open to representing to target audience,seminars,exhibitions etc.
my email :sarfraz_momin@yahoo.com
Thank you.
arden forrey (23 ), 08/29/2011:
I believe that this project should be pursued in concert with Pitt's participation in the AxiUm COHRI user group and develop the potential for Online Distance Learning for the various institution's Oral Health communities using the AxiUM EOHR as a common implemented example. Pitt should also pursue this online instruction as part of joint work with ADA SCDI and also with ADEA as a collaborative aspect of health discipline communities working together. The whole healthcare community will benefit from such an example and it will reflect Titus' historic position on health discipline integration. This could lead to project funding that would benefit DIOC participants as well as the collaborating COHRI Dental Schools and EOHR System Suppliers. I look forward to Titus' view on these aspects of the project.
rajan gupta 1 (5 ), 03/7/2011:
hi....great to hear such a nice concept....will b pleased to work as a representative of the target audience
titus schleyer (102 ), 09/15/2010:
Hi Neena,

Can you send me your email address? (to titus@pitt.edu)


neena elizabeth augustine (10 ), 09/1/2010:
Hi I too am interested in this project. Maybe I could help as a representative of the target audience. I have completed an online course on Cert. BMI and also have worked as an online tutor for awhile.
titus schleyer (102 ), 08/3/2010:
Hi Shawn, Great to hear! Let me know when we can talk.

Thx. Titus
shawn steele (5 ), 08/3/2010:
Hi, I am very interested in this project, and would be willing to help as a representative of the target audience. Please contact me to discuss this further.
Shawn Steele


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