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Lecture Recordings in Dental Education

status quo, perceived value and recommendations

This research project is part of a planned initiative at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine to incorporate lecture recordings as standard educational support technologies. However, at this point, there is no common guideline or best practice available regarding lecture recordings in dental education. The projects goals are to (1) gather nationwide data about how dental educators use lecture recordings at this point; (2) collect perceived value and outcomes among dental educators; (3) develop recommendations based on #1 and #2 for the dental educator community and for the School of Dental Medicine in particular.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Heiko Spallek (University of Pittsburgh)
Other involved People: Jean O’Donnell, Lynn Johnson, Chuck Schuler, Nadeem Karimbux


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:1 year
Personnel needed:one champion of lecture recordings at each of the North American dental schools who can help gather the data about their institution

DIOC user:

heiko spallek (89 star_green), School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
heiko spallek's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, practice management, computer-based patient records, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, e-communities


vijay thirumalai (12 ), 01/18/2013:
I can help on developing software platform for data collection and reporting for this analysis.


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